Hi! Im Jenai Dominique!


Fashion Stylist and Petite Style Coach! 



I am a fashion stylist and wardrobe consultant. I specialize in teaching petite, creative women how to build their perfect wardrobe.


This blog is where I share everything I have learned to be the ultimate resource for those who are smaller than the average woman in stature and size, yet still want to be stylish and make an impact in their careers. My process will show you how to develop a unique, functional wardrobe that represents you and your lifestyle, as well as enhance your individual brand. 


At 5”2 I was inspired to start this blog after many wardrobe malfunctions and shopping struggles that left me frustrated with nothing to wear. As a new upcoming stylist and blogger fresh on the fashion scene, I found myself having a hard time taking full advantage of my wardrobe. When it came to styling editorials and photo shoots, I blew it out of the water thanks to the many brands and designers that allowed me to pull from their collections.

However, when it came to my own personal wardrobe, I was struggling to create looks that showcased me as a creative professional. It wasn’t until I took a good look into my closet and started to really examine it! I realized how many quality pieces I actually owned, as well as pieces that could be replaced with something better. As a career driven woman, I definitely wanted to look the part, and as a fashion entrepreneur I had no choice!

During this process I was able to build a foundation to allow me to continue to grow a stylish and functional wardrobe that represented my personality, and enhanced my personal brand. Being smaller than the average woman encouraged me to find petite friendly brands and learn about good fit so that I could look and feel confident wearing my clothes. These essentials have also allowed me to get the most use out of every single item in my closet year round.  Now that I am an expert at what it takes to create the perfect wardrobe, I want to help you do the same!


I am here to give you a boost of self confidence, a lending ear and helping hand to ignite your style creativity and invent a new trend, YOU! 


  • Discover a unique personal style, and build a wardrobe around it.

  • Fill your closet with quality, well fitting items that cater to your lifestyle and how you love to express yourself.

  • Continue to build upon a strong, signature personal style, and not be tempted to incorporate every single fashion trend into your wardrobe.


  • Use tailoring and alterations as an essential wardrobe tool to improve the items you love so they fit you and your unique style.

  • Maximize your wardrobe. I am a firm believer of maximizing your wardrobe and offer a variety of helpful ways to get the most out of every single item in your closet.