The ideal service to book if you have a closet full of clothes but don't feel all that confident about putting looks together and find yourself saying I have nothing to wear!  If you tend to wear the same thing over and over and need a fresh perspective in creating new looks out of the clothes you already own, then this is a great place to start. Let's shop your closet!


  • Style Consultation: I will begin with an in home consultation to learn about you, your fashion goals and your needs.  I will analyze your clothing and accessories for fit, functionality, style and condition to provide honest feedback about what works best and what doesn't.


  • Wardrobe Analysis: I will sort through your closet to decide what will stay, what should be stored, given away or sold, what can be altered and what is needed to be purchased. Together we will identify staple pieces in your wardrobe that can be used to create looks for your lifestyle.



  • Styling: After learning more about you and your style needs, I will put together 5-8 complete, new looks with what you already have in your closet. I'll show you how to re-create each look and take photos every step of the way! A personalized lookbook will be given to you to help you re-create each look on your own, and make getting dressed effortless! 

***What You Gain

  • A basic understanding of styles and accessories that work for you.
  • 5-8 fresh, new looks from your own wardrobe.
  • A personalized lookbook to help you re-create each look.
  • Perfect way to get a feel of becoming your own best personal stylist.